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Our Sustainability Commitment

Our Sustainability Commitment



It all starts with a conversation. 

Let's hop on a call or a Zoom or GoTo meeting. You need to get to know us.  And we need to get to know you and your business. 

You know your business goals and the people. We bring our experience, research, advice and training tools. We talk through an approach that fits your needs.

· The work includes an individual needs assessment with the people participating in the training.

· It also may include a facilitated discussion with your team.  This is important even if you have regular information capture on needs and gaps.

· We provide a scope of work to help you make your decision. 

Once the project is approved, we develop a straightforward contract, sign required non-disclosure agreements, hold a kick-off meeting and begin the work. If the assignment requires one of our partners, we include them in the scope of work with your approval.

 · Then to where the rubber hits the road: science-based training and learning that inspires, engages and changes leader and employee experiences in the workplace.  

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our Sustainability Commitment



We believe that we do not have to choose between economic growth and the environment. 

We commit to environmentally-sensitive practices in the administration of our business. 

We also commit to operating in both a socially and environmentally-conscious manner in our work with clients and partners.