Culture + Workplace Education = Competitive Advantage

Culture + Workplace Education = Competitive Advantage

Culture + Workplace Education = Competitive AdvantageCulture + Workplace Education = Competitive AdvantageCulture + Workplace Education = Competitive Advantage

Great people, great organizational culture and great learning strategy achieve big goals.   

Differentiate while strengthening Your Team


Designing Growth and Change

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
                                       — GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

The thing about hard things. They're hard. Change is hard. Working with people can be hard. Sometimes the best next step is to get another perspective and view the challenge from another angle. Leaders come to us for three reasons:

  1. To address an organizational or industry-specific challenge.
  2. To help them capitalize on an opportunity.
  3. To build new competencies in themselves, their teams, stakeholders and members for growth and change.

We build adaptability.  It is the newest and most relevant individual and industry strategic advantage. We know that leading effective change today requires innovation and a deep understanding of people.  We can help.  We are a boutique leader, team and culture training services company focused on the people side of change.  We draw on 25 years of business strategy working in 17 industry sectors and the integration of globally-proven research, insights and correlations in behavioural science.  

Your team knows your business and your area of specialty.  We reframe the leader and team member learning challenge based on behavioural science and an approach that engages and inspires optimism.  Our approach is practical too and based on your unique circumstances.  

The good news. We can build a program that results in learning doing double-triple duty.  For example, the same behavioural-based science that helps leaders and supervisors become more adaptable in managing worker needs can result in high-performance.  The answer lies in building programs that support "high-development" industry cultures.  The second piece of good news is that high-development cultures result in engaged employees, exceptional collaboration, happy customers and significantly greater profitability. (Gallup December 2019)  

Let's get specific.  What if you are working to change a workplace or work site culture for continuous improvements in safety culture?  What are some of the key things you can do when you hit an improvement plateau? 2019 research conducted in North American industrial settings shows that plateaus are reached when the focus of change has been directed at processes and tools and not enough focus on changing mindset and unique people skills; on the attitudes and behaviours of people inside the organization. That is our leadership training specialty. It is great to create a diverse group of employees, but the magic happens when they work amazingly well together.  Specific, targeted leader and employee development can help you move past these typical collaboration roadblocks.  

Let's have an online coffee.  Let's discuss your goals and explore how we can work together. Our specialty is working with occupations within the trades, engineering and innovation-focused industries. Our work begins with a conversation about the change you are looking for or the source of your challenge.  Learning strategy like business strategy is both art and science.  Coupled with root cause analysis, Kim brings both to the table.